Agile@School – episode 3

Agile@School project is growing and finally we’re reaching the most important part of the iteration.

In this third episode we played the planning poker game on a round table (which appears like a poker session at a first sight actually 🙂 ) and the students decided to skip the coffee break! You know how is really difficult for them to be focused.

However, Gabriele and I already prepared the user stories so, we finally get our product backlog, which you can see in the following picture (Italian):
The first efforts were added by the planning poke at school, the missing one are for the student exercises. Indeed they’ll have to play together for poking the items.  We used real cards, made by Daniela (and thanks to her as usual), with one deck for each team member:

The poker took an hour. We’ve discussed about user story description, acceptance criterias, personas and we tried to get a real effort using the cards.

After that, we’ve got a Sprint backlog, with tasks and team roles/capacities too:

We choose also the tool for communicating and collaborating as a real team, slack, with channels and integrations. It seems to work, since the discussions were started and focused.
A collaborative chat, with channels related to the project discussions, a product backlog, a sprint backlog and all the roles up and running.
We’re seeing now how the project is really going on. And we’re really proud of that!
As soon as we verify the project status, I’ll write another post.
Stay Tuned!

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