Top 3 Methods to Reset SQL Sa Password Without Any Trouble

“Hello all. I am writing this post because I am in big trouble. I recently joined an organization and unfortunately, I forgot the password of SQL database. Not a great situation for a new employee, so can you help me out? Can anyone tell me how do I reset SQL sa password? I will be really grateful if you could suggest any easy solution.”

Are you also suffering from a similar problem as mentioned in the query? Do you also want to know how to reset SQL sa password ? Then this is the right blog for you. Read on.

SQL Server database administrators often find themselves in an awkward position when they forget or lose the database password. This problem can happen to anyone at any given time. If you find yourself in the same situation, do not worry. This post will elaborately discuss various methods that can be implemented to fix this problem.

3 Quick Methods to Reset SQL sa Password

If you have lost your SQL database password, do not jump into the decision of reinstalling the SQL Server. Keep patience and read the solutions stated in this section. Here we will learn two different methods to reset SQL SA password for SQL database.

Method 1: Use Management Studio to Reset SQL SA Password

If you have lost the SA password, you can easily reset it using the management studio. After that, you will regain the access to SA account by Windows Authentication mode.

  • Login to SQL Server. For this, use Windows Authentication.
  • Navigate to Object Explorer to expand Security folder. Now, expand Logins folder and right-click on SA account. From the options, click on Properties.
  • When Properties window opens, add new password and confirm it. Click on OK to set this as your new SA password.

Method 2: Use SQL Script to Reset SQL SA Password
In case you reset SQL database password, users can also try using SQL scripts to add a new password to the database.

  • First of all, you have to launch SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Open a new query in it.
  • Enter the scripts mentioned below for execution:
    USE [master]

Note: Here, NewPassword will be the password you want to use for your SA account in place of the lost password.

Method 3: Use SQL Password Recovery Tool

If you find these above-mentioned methods complex, or if you are not willing to perform those processes, we have a better option for you. Presenting SysTools SQL sa Password Reset Tool. This affordable yet effective tool will help you set a new password for SQL database whose password you have lost.

It is really simple to get back the access to your SA account using this utility. Launch the tool and add the MDF file in it. All of its users will get displayed on the screen. You will the password value of SA account is Unknown. Select SA and click on Reset Password. Add a new password and confirm it. Now you are all set to access the SA account using this password.

Attention: We strongly recommend having the backup of MDF file before proceeding with this method.


Forgetting the SQL database SA account password can cause immense trouble for the admins and many people in real life do suffer from this problem. That is why we see a lot of people asking the same question in forums, how to reset SQL database password. For them, we have described three simple solutions to change their password. If the manual methods are not working or seems lengthy, users can go for the tool mentioned here. This software is one of the most popular software

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