Agile@School – episode 5

It’s time to review the work done.

The web application the students are working on is reaching its end, speaking about development. It’s not so good to see, we know it, but starting from this sprint, we will apply some graphical stuff and we’ll be ready to present the tool to the “board”.

By the way, the review was very impressive. Everything worked well, and the mood was high, as you can see in the following picture:

02 review.PNG

Actually, Davide (this is the name of the guy in the picture) is posing for the picture, but the mood was high, I swear 🙂

The software is working, however the class added a couple of hot bugs, which will be fixed during the next sprint. Unfortunately, those defects were not found in the development phase, but while Arnold (the software architect) was reviewing a feature. This means that we miss the tests. We will add some user test task too, in order to increase the quality of the software. The “unit and automated tests” topic requires too much time (also for the learning curve) so we will skip test automation in this project.

After the review, we made the Retrospective meeting playing the Starfish game:

This particular retrospective technique helps people by getting them to reflect on varying degrees of things that they want to bring up, without having it fit into the black or white category of ‘What Went Well’ or ‘Not So Well’ so I think it scales a little bit better

And this was the result:

03 starfish

The items are (translated from Italian):

  • Start to make changeset (each student have to, not just one or two)
  • Start commenting the code
  • Start adding documentation
  • Start functional testing
  • More Of media upload on slack
  • More Of cross class (the students are from two classes) meeting
  • More Of slack usage (because it works very good in this project)
  • Less Of un-notified development
  • Stop noising with @here and @channel on slack
  • Keep Doing PBI based channels on slack

The students will understand the importance of the retrospective meeting in some days, because we’re going to solve all the described problems, choosing the best solution without affecting the developer’s productivity.

In the next sprint we will start also a new set tasks:

  • Testing (which improves the Start testing item on the Starfish diagram)
  • User’s manual
  • Technical documentation
  • Business presentation (I’d like to let the students to understand the importance to present the project in the end)
  • Graphic and design (logo, colors, theme, brand, ..)


Stay Tuned!


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