A practical guide for dealing with capacikill in TFS

Very good article! Capacikill and real world team management

The Road to ALM

Capacikill? What the … is that?

Actually it is a word I made up. To be honest it was a colleague who talked about capacity in a noisy room and I thought I heard him say it. I understood capacikill and the word had a meaning to me right away. As you can obviously see, it is a merge of the words capacity and kill but what do I mean by it?

This blog post is about giving meaning to this word to others besides me.

Scrum vs. Capacity planning

When doing Scrum in its purest form, capacity is the easiest thing to manage. There is a Scrum team consisting of a number of people. These people work full-time on sprint work. Capacity is simple. (Number of people in Scrum Team) x (Number of Days in Sprint) x (Number of Hours per Day)

The team maintains remaining work and this…

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