T-SQL job title generator

Funny stuff!


While writing a sample random function in using T-SQL Server, I have remembered, why not write a job title generator for T-SQL domain only. You might have seen so called bulls**t job title generator and similar, but this one is T-SQL SQL server specific.

So, why not come up with random, yet funny T-SQL job titles. And making it, I have to tell you, it was fun. And I was simply hitting that F5 button in SSMS, to get new job title generated and laugh out loud.

Following this laughter, I have created the following website:


that encapsulated the T-SQL code explained in this blog. You can either copy/paste the T-SQL code and run it in your SSMS or visit the T-sql job title generator web site.

The code

Staging some data, I have created just some random words, consisting of three parts. One is just IT slang/jargon…

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