Create C# enum template with SSMS Boost

I’ve spoken about SSMS Boost in this post and now I’m going to apply one of its feature in order to improve the productivity of my team. Speaking about the database side, a table that contains static data can be used as a foreign key referenced table. In my experience those kind of tables are often mapped to enums in our application layer. Creating that enum can be a tedious operation and sometimes it can be very uncomfortable. With SSMS Boost we can enhance our development experience. Continue reading “Create C# enum template with SSMS Boost”

Share t-sql snippets to the team with SQL Prompt

Red-Gate SQL Prompt is a plugin for SQL Server Management Studio that makes the developers life easier when writing t-sql. It provides improved intellisense, indent and coding styles, and also a snippet manager feature that allows the developer to create a set of useful shortcuts. Those autocomplete items can be really useful for a team, let’s see how we can share them in a team.

Continue reading “Share t-sql snippets to the team with SQL Prompt”