Fix Corruption Due to Table Partition Error in SQL Server 2005

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the best and full-featured relational database management system. It provides various features like database partitioning in SQL server. But sometimes the user has to face various issues like Corruption due to table partition error in SQL Server 2005. So in this article, we are going to discuss the reason for this problem. Before proceeding further let us discuss database partitioning in SQL Server.

Database table partitioning in SQL Server is a process where large tables are divided into smaller multiple parts. It has many benefits, such as the user can speed up loading and Archiving data. It helps to reduce the overall response time for particular so that users can perform SQL operations easily.

The user can use DBCC CHECKTABLE Command to check the consistency of the tables, In case if the need arises to restore the data then the user can use the last database backup. In case if the user has don’t have the backup available then the user can take the help of SQL Recovery Software.

To understand, the situation let us consider with the help of an example, Suppose you have two partition tables named with Table A and Table B both the table having the same columns and the partitioned against the similar column. The user-created the clustered index on table B and drop It. After that, the user imported the data to table B with the help of the BULK INSERT command along with the TABLOCK option. This can cause corruption to the data, and the user will get an error with ID 8984 or 8988.

Reason Behind This Problem

The user will get this error because of the mismatch of the metadata of the two tables. When the SQL database user drops the clustered index of the table, the entire metadata gets changed. And when the switch the partitioned between the table, the entire information gets mismatched and the user has to face data corruption issues.

The user can try the DBCC CHECKTABLE Command with repair options to correct the data corruption issues. If there is any issue then the user has to delete the damaged table, in case of no backups, or corrupted backups then the user can try the SQL Recovery to recover damaged MDF files.

SQL Recovery software is one of the best tool to recover corrupted MDF file, this is a standalone utility which can easily repair the damaged SQL database. It helps to recover functions, tables, views, stored procedures, etc. After recovering the data the user can easily export to SQL Server.

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed Corruption due to table partition error in SQL Server 2005. Also, we have guided the best possible ways to resolve the problem. The user can try the DBCC CHECKTABLE command but in case if you are still facing the problem then the user can take the help of the automated solution.

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