Engage IT Services SQL Todo Explorer – our *FIRST RELEASE*!

In previous posts, I’ve spent a lot of words speaking about third party add-in for SQL Server Management Studio.

Finally we have developed a new extension! We’re proud to present….

Engage IT Services Sql Todo Explorer!



As other Visual Studio plugins do, it lists Todo items (ASK, BUG, HACK, TODO) and it allows navigating the programmability objects that contain any of those tags.



Let’s say, with a dev-based approach, when our programmability objects are full of Todo items, it’s useful to track and to consider them in order to evaluate what we must do. Impossible to forget about them!


Where I can download it? How can I install it?

Go to the add-in website.

You can find deeper details and also the github project.

It’s not a dangerous component, but please use it carefully (suggestion: avoid any setup on production), especially with databases with tons of stored procedures (it can take several minutes when organizing data).

Can I improve it?

Sure! This is the first release, so, anyone who wants to help is appreciated. It’s on github!

If you want to become a contributor, you can clone the project and try to help us to develop proposed issues.

Supported versions of SSMS

Unfortunately the current release supports SQL Server Management Studio 2012 only (on-premises, express included). One of the issues is to make the tool available for SQL Server Management Studio 2014, 2008 and R2.

Ok, now.. who are you?

Engage IT Services S.r.l. is the company which keeps together Michael Denny and me. We’re the authors of the add-in.

Please try it, what are you waiting for? 🙂

Stay tuned 🙂

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