NuGet + Visual Studio: Automatic Package Restore of Different Solutions to the Same Folder

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Attachment with the sample:

Today I had a problem using nuget package restore in a quite complex project that has multiple projects and multiple solutions file located in different folders, so that nuget was restoring the packages in a wrong folder for some of my solutions.

For instance if you have a file structure like this:

AllMyProjects.sln simply contains all the projects (ProjectA.Model.csproj, ProjectA.Service.csproj, ProjectB.Model.csproj, ProjectB.Service.csproj).

When you run the build for all the 3 solutions, nuget by default will restores everything in a folder “packages” located at the same level of the solution file, producing something like this:

Now, if you first compile the ProjectA.sln and ProjectB.sln, also the AllMyProjects.sln will compile fine, but this just because the packages will be correctly restored by the two specific solution ProjectA.sln and ProjectB.sln, but if you try to clean up all the packages folder, and build the AllMyProjects.sln first, you…

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